Saturday, September 8, 2007

Piper had a nice breakfast! I think Jazz took this picture.
We ate at 2 different "Coffee Cup" cafes this morning.
Tony and KT at breakfast
Sherm posting pictures
Pat "Evil" Shea
Piper kicking back
Skid reading a tech manual or something.
Too Tall Tony
Willie Wonka
Sitting around waiting for the rain.........
Piper is ordering Pizza. Too wet to ride tonight.
The Phoenix just about went down in the mud until I put a rock under the stand. At least we're on sort of high ground. the trailer stayed totally dry inside. Some of the tents didn't fare as well...
Too Tall Tony just got back from lunch....He's still smiling............
Ooooh! This water's deep!
KT likes to play in puddles!
Jax is enjoying the shower.
From inside the pavillion at the KOA. this is going to be our WARB pasture tonight.
We had some slight flooding! I was in the laundry during this, "Wrong turn" took the picture.
Mary, with Lucy, and Fly . Taking pictures of the rain.
We had rain from around noon on Saturday until dark!
Skid has his Canadian "bumbershoot"
The rain is starting again!
Skid, Batman and Deb. (yes, we have 2 Deb's here:-)
Skid is petting Jazz's cute little dog. We have 3 VROC dogs here now, all very well behaved.
Too Tall Tony, Jax, and Willie Wonka
Rachael (KT's daughter, Jazz (her friend) and Carlene.
KT, Sandy, Patricia, Mary. It's a quiet morning, people are just sitting around visiting.
The Boys. Pat, Piper, fly and Don. Solving the world's problems by Piper's truck.
KT and Sandy. It's good to see KT here and enjoying herself!
Not quite there, but the closest thing to "found food" for the trip so far. The food was all right, the prices were very good, and the service was fast and friendly. Even though I had my heart set on the Golden Coral, this was a good choice. It was suggested by Stella, Skid and Sandy's GPS. The ones you can see from this end are... Pat, Jax, Batman, Patricia, Skid, Sandy, Carlene, and Williewonka.
The table from the other end.
I was all ready for the Golden Coral this morning, but was voted down. Guess they aren't real popular out here. And, some of out group don't like "chain" places of any kind. So........Skid asked Stella (His Garmin GPS) for a family restaurant. A list popped up and we picked the Coffee Cup Cafe. We went the long way through Terra Haute, one of the routes supplied by Stella. It was perfect! We saw some neighborhoods we'd have never known were there. Interesting!
This business was across from the breakfast place. The neighborhood was a little on the shabby side, but the food was great!
Batman, Jax and Pat. Jax is giving insturctions on his GPS and other goodies.
These little guys were having a nice breakfast of "overflow" from the garbage can. The brown one is missing a leg. They were both very friendly.
Jim, Carlene, Willie and Phin.